The Organization invites participants to reach Misurina before 8.00 on Sunday 13 September. The closure of the embrace is scheduled at 12.00, when, as a signal of smoke will be lit on top of the three mountaineers mountains of The Sad Smoky Mountains.


The first meeting point is located at the restaurant Genzianella in Misurina, at the beginning of the road that climbs from Misurina to the Rifugio Auronzo, where you can park.

The road up to the three peaks will be closed to traffic for the occasion. There is a shuttle service, available from 06.00 a.m. to 18.00, who will lead the participants directly to Tre Cime di Lavaredo (about 15 minutes), Rifugio Auronzo.
Ticket purchase will only be possible on site, before climbing on the shuttles, and it costs 3.00 euros (round trip). On each shuttle there will be a volunteer who will explain the event all the needed details.
Obviously, it will be possible to go on foot to the paths that lead from Misurina to Rifugio Auronzo or from Dobbiaco/Sesto to Rifugio Locatelli. From Misurina (ca. 1750 m s.l.m.) to the Rifugio Auronzo (2320 m s.l.m.), the difference in altitude is about 570 meters. The trail is smooth and it does not highlight climbing difficulties. The timing needed to cover it is about 2.30 hours.


In front of the Rifugio Auronzo participants will find a reception point. Anyone wishing to take part in the chain must arrive at this point to:
– receive informational materials and practical information related to the initiative and the map of the human chain around the Group of three peaks;
– be assigned to one of the area in order to build the human chain.
The ring around the three peaks will consist of 10 areas indeed. They are named with the name of countries where human rights are violated (see them). Each participant or group of participants will be assigned to a field, near or far from the point of reception, depending on availability/physical and motor skills. Each sector will have a reference person that will accompany those who wish support to reach the dedicated area.

Another point of welcoming and accompanying the areas will be set up to Rifugio Locatelli (North slope), for people who are going to the trails from Dobbiaco/Sesto.


Everyone can join the human chain. People with disabilities or reduced mobility, if they want to take part with the human chain, they can access with their own vehicles until the Rifugio Auronzo car park.
It is necessary to communicate the car registration number to the address [email protected] or by phone 331.146.71.45 to receive a pass. Also a part of the route of the ring is suitable for wheelchairs.


At the reception banquets will be set up for the purchase of t-shirts dedicated to the event, designed by Fabio Vettori. At the same site you can also sign the Manifesto of the Dolomites Embrace human rights that collects instances and the commitment of the event and will be handed over to Italian and European institutions.


The human chain is eco-responsible: it will be located in a unique natural environment, Unesco, counted as one of the most admirable of planet Earth. It is a protected area and appreciated for its extraordinary landscapes and part of the route runs in the three peaks nature park.
To multiply efforts we ask you to give priority to public transport (see directions), so as to minimize environmental impacts, not only in the areas of exhibitions, but also along the access roads and surrounding areas.
We ask all participants to respect the delicate balance of this natural environment. We ask you to bring with us downstream waste and to maintain a civil and respectful attitude towards nature that hosts us and other participants.


The safety of the event will be guaranteed by experienced mountain rescue, of the Italian Alpine Club, Alpine guides and the heads of 10 areas where the route will be divided.